Happy Birthday Song

If only a black bar shows, place cursor on bar approx. 1/4 of an inch from beginning and click. The play arrow should have been activated.


Goofy Activities
http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/games/game12.htm Guess what present the star is in.
http://akidsheart.com/holidays/bday/juggle.htm Juggling balls.
http://akidsheart.com/holidays/bday/bdnk3.htm Drag the tail on the donkey.
http://akidsheart.com/holidays/bday/balloons.html Pull arrow back and click with mouse to hit balloons.
http://akidsheart.com/holidays/bday/bdress.htm Make balloon faces by dragging facial pieces.
http://akidsheart.com/holidays/bday/bdjpz02.htm Animal birthday puzzle. Pieces rotate.


Gooooooolllllllly Geeee, "You're how old?"

Q. What did one candle say to the other?
A. Don't birthdays burn you up?



Birthday hugs from
"Hap E. Golucky"

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