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If you're looking for a student's work,
"Bee" - Quick!

Click on a hive # "bee"-low to access their un"bee"lievable bizzzz-y-ness!
Here's a "Royal Queen Bee Invitation" in case the beekeeper tries to tell you, "It's none of your bees wax!"
He will challenge you to collect all his honey from the honeycomb without getting stung!

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We're all
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To "bee" or not to "bee?" that is the question!
Do you see those "earthlings" lookinng at us with their two beady eyes. I bet they don't know how many eyes a bee like us has.
Yeah, they'll never guess we have 5, two large compound eyes, and three simple eyes called ocelli.
Hey, you just gave them the answer!

Well then, how about this question. How many eggs can the queen mother lay per day?
Oh, I know that one. It says it right here in the Bee Book...1,000 to 3,000 eggs per day.
Man o' man, now you just gave the humans another answer!

We could put the answers in the color Ultra-Violet that they can't see, but we can.
How about stinging them with our "Zingers" so they itch and yell owwee?
No, no. Save your chemical "Mellitin." The loss of a stinger means we die.

This question gives all the workers the "Hives" including me!
How much does a queen have to eat each day to produce 2,000 eggs?
About 80 times her own weight. Equivalent to a 12 year-old human eating about 6,400 pounds of food!
Can you even imagine that?
Certainly not!

Thank goodness all the worker bees are female. Yeah, I can put up with being called a "drone."
I can hardly stand being driven out of the hive in the fall by the worker bees though. Winter out of the hive can be harsh.
Flapping my 4 wings (2 on each side) about 180 beats per minute is enough work already!
You know those worker bees only live about 7-8 weeks in the summer (egg through the end of forage life) while the Queen,
Her Royal Highness, can live 2-8 years because of her "cushy" status!

We don't have to worry about humans so much.
We can see movement 6 times faster than the human's perception.
We have a lot more legs than them, 6 to be exact, like the other insects.
We can fly up to 22 miles per hour for about 8-8 1/2 miles, and they can't even get off the ground on their own speed!
Now go figure, we know humans get to sleep. Not us.
Of course, they've found some of us resting in empty cells using that camera they installed!

Get this, they have on average 4 to 6 people in their shelter. We have on average 30,000 - 60,000 in our hive.
Remember we're not so different when it comes to our senses though, we both have sight, can taste, touch, and smell.
It still remians a mystery to them if we can feel sounds.

Let's leave them with a question to think about. O.K., make it a good one.
What does the "White Man's Fly" refer to?
Psssst, Have you ever heard the expression, "I'd like to be a fly on the wall?"
It means that you would like to hear a conversation...well, I heard those "teen" bees
say they were going to leave the answer by a swarming bee hive. I don't see it and I'm stuck here.
I've done all I can for you...geeesch, and they call me pesty. I think not! But you'd better think if you want to find where they put the answer.

Happy Hunting!


Buzzing Bumble Bee,
~ buzz, buzz, buzz ~
"Bee" -line it
before you get "clicked."