Engaged Classroom Participant Portfolio

This portfolio has been created in connection with the Jordan School District Enhanced Classroom professional development project.

Participant Name: Rebekah Strate
Participant School: Sprucewood
Grade/Subject: 4th Grade Teacher

Below are links to pages that demonstrate my competence in several key areas.

Inspiration Software

Atomic Learning Modules

  • Links to a few modules that I have found to be particularly helpful:
Understanding Google Spreadsheets
Exporting a Comic Life document as a JPEG file
adding hyperlinks

I- Photo Movie

Comic Life, Picasa, Comic Life Project

Social Bookmarking

  • Link to a wiki page with RSS widget showing some of my curriculum-related websites


Google Docs


Digital Story Telling

Lesson Plans I've Created

  • Link to lesson 1

  • Link to rubric used to evaluate lesson 1

My Reflections
  • How I used Instruction clickers
My class loves using the student response system. They are thrilled to be able to get their score right then. I love being able to download the information and see how the students did right off the bat.
  • How I used the document camera during curriculum instruction
The document camera is so handy. It is great and easy to set up and use. My students love being chosen to come up to the machine and show their work.
  • My in-depth reflection, discussing future plans as to how I hope to incorporate what I've have learned in this program:
I plan and hope to be able to use all the materials that were given to the school. The use of technology adds so much to classroom lessons. I am so glad to be working with teachers and an administrator that is so excited as well.
  • Mobile Lab
    • My class knows that when they come in to use the computers they wash their hands. After the students wash their hands they know to get their number out with two hands and carry them directly to their desk. Whenever students are at their desk with their computer they are to stay seated. If they have to get up they need to close the lid on the computers.

Day One:
Wiki-Space is a wonderful way for students, parents and teachers to collaborate and be actively engaged in the learning process. Parents know concepts that are being taught in the classroom and are able to help and be a part in their child's learning.

Day Two:
Today was a lot of exploration and hands on creating. We uploaded our cool projects that we have created the past few days on our wiki.

Day Three:
We learned a lot about the resources that are available to the teachers. We had a fun day exploring and learning about new programs.